Is appearance really that important ?

PhD Christine born in 1981 is actually a lady who represents a group of girls. In the early years, she was busy with work and study. She didn’t put too much effort into finding a partner. In addition, she had some stubborn thoughts about romantic love. These thoughts are often “fatal”. such as:


“If a man can’t discover her insights and intelligence through my appearance, he is superficial who is not worthy of socializing with.”

“A man who loves me must love everything about me, not just my appearance.”


Such thoughts have led to her negligence in her own appearance for a long time. We will not define whether these concepts are right or wrong, but at this time Christine has entered a dead end where she is unwilling to accept new attempts, just like a gray cloud, old-fashioned and gloomy, making bright colours invisible people.


Fortunately, we persuaded Christine, who has been single for many years, enabling her willing to try and make some changes with our help. We arranged several image enhancement courses for her, including teaching makeup for dating, helping her analyze how to make use of her body shape and avoid weaknesses, and accompany her to buy and match clothes that suit her style.


She gradually realized how important it is to make herself look beautiful, and it’s a happy thing, the perception of herself is gradually changing. Before each date, our marriage and romantic consultant and Christine will discuss topics that can be chatted with each other, and other things that need attention to improve her self-confidence.


Finally, Christine and another PhD, John born in 1979 got together. At present, the two people have been in a stable relationship for some time, and they have met the parents from both sides. They are planning to establish a small family of their own.


So, is appearance really that important? As the relationship stabilizes, the importance of appearance will decrease. But it is undeniable that whether it is a man, or a lady, manners and appearance play a vital role in the first impression. If you miss the other half who would appreciate your talents because of your rough appearance, wouldn’t it be worth the loss?



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