Large-scale social party

Every quarter, we organize a large-scale social party for around 150-200 people, incorporating a holiday theme, such as White Valentine’s Day, masquerade ball or horse racing party.

Each event is filled with various interactive games and fun programs.

For the Qixi Festival special event, we invited Sydney’s top tarot card reader to do on-site fortune-telling for everyone, to see how fate would play out.

On White Valentine’s Day, we hold a large-scale event where Cupid himself will help you match your fate on site.

Meng Fei hosted the special Australian edition of the dating show “If You Are The One”, with an audience of up to 700 people.

The horse racing banquet held at Royal Randwick Racecourse is a gathering for elites, where passion and speed collide.

The masquerade ball held at the InterContinental Hotel in Double Bay is an elegant affair set against a backdrop of stunning sea, sky, and mountain views. Attendees dressed in their finest gowns and suits, and wore masks to enter. The mysterious atmosphere of the ball allowed for uninhibited self-expression in a veil of secrecy.



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