Weekly Themed Parties

Every weekend, we organize small-scale social events for 10-20 people with different activity themes such as hiking, badminton, murder mystery games, board game nights, and escape rooms. You can choose to participate in the theme that interests you.

Most importantly, regardless of the size of the activity, we always maintain an equal ratio of men and women.

Hiking Event

Let’s take advantage of the perfect weather and go out to see the beautiful scenery, and breathe in the fresh air!

Singles mixer

We will prepare different topics to help everyone quickly get to know and understand each other.

Board Game Night

Don’t know how to start a conversation? No problem, with various games, you can break the ice quickly and meet new friends without feeling awkward.

Murder Mystery Game

Deduction and crime-solving, and various dress-up experiences, it’s a place for intellectual challenges.

Escape Room

Locked in a room, use your collective intelligence to crack the code and escape together to break free from being single.



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Appearance Enhancement

如果你不知道约会时穿什么才能更好地展示自己的魅力? 如果你想要提升自己的形象而不知从而下手?

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