This time, it’s finally my turn for the sweet love.

Based on the romantic relationship matching model, we found that Andy, a male majoring in accounting born in 1993, and Betty, a female majoring in early childhood, born in 1995, have a very high matching index. So we arranged a date for the two. After the meetup, the feedback from both parties was pretty good, but obviously the boy had a stronger affection for the girl. Very fatefully, in the subsequent online matching activities, Andy and Betty became a CP (couple) for a week by chance.


By a series of one-week CP tasks, sharing the mood of the day and the weather, posting photos of your childhood, sing your favorite song for three minutes in a row, sharing your favorite song to the other person, sharing the date you want to go to after you have the other half, and so on. Through these tasks, the two people deepen their understanding of each other, and the degree of good feeling is also rising.


It is very tacit that both Andy and Betty said that the date activity they most want to try after having a partner is skydiving. So, on the last day of the CP activity of the week, the two met together to skydive. Then the two of them get together, and now they are about to get married.


Among the billions of people in the world, each of us, regardless of conditions, has another group of individuals who appreciate us. Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet one of them in our entire life, and sometimes we don’t. As marriage and romantic consultants, we often feel that IDO is to build a magical bridge. Through diversified activities and matching, these two types of people who are attracted to each other are connected together, saving the time and energy of both parties’ laborious search.


* For the purpose of privacy protection, names in the text are all aliased.



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