A two-way journey between New York and San Francisco, even long distance can’t stop us from being together

Everyone perceives love differently. Some prioritize physical appearance, others value material stability, some seek a deep spiritual connection, and yet others focus on inner beauty… Today, let’s explore how a couple, deeply connected on a spiritual level, interacts and stays together.

For a better reading experience and to help everyone better understand the differences in perspectives on relationships and love between the sexes, the story is divided into a male and female perspective. This is the male perspective. We hope that by sharing his journey from being single to finding love, we can assist more of those who are still single in meeting their compatible other half soon.

Basic Information
Male, born in 1990, Hubei, based in San Francisco
Occupation: IT.
Traits: Steady and humorous, romantic with a sense of ceremony, highly artistic.
Female, born in 1990, Shandong, based in New York
Occupation: Designer.
Traits: Gentle and kind-hearted, passionate about life, able to provide emotional value.

01 What made you consider joining IDO?

I hadn’t known much about matchmaking agencies before and had some distrust. Then, a friend of mine, a member of IDO, who had successfully found a partner, recommended IDO to me after learning I wanted to find a partner. Initially, I was quite cautious, but after a fortuitous encounter with an acquaintance, I began to trust and slowly accepted IDO, eventually joining with confidence, entrusting them with my quest for a lifelong partner. Looking back, it was the right decision.

02 What was your dating experience like at IDO?

Actually, I don’t think it was much different from regular dating. The key is one’s own attitude. I tried to meet as many people as possible, not to be picky but to find the most suitable person. In my multiple dates, I was strict with myself, not just focusing on superficial aspects but seeking a genuine connection, patiently exploring the inner world of each woman I dated, and observing their character.

I treated each date like an exciting adventure, engaging in sincere communication to discover the other person’s shining points.

How did you interact with your current partner when you met her?

03 How did you interact with your current partner when you met her?

Initially, communication was key, especially since we were in different cities. We chatted and video-called often, learning about each other’s hobbies and lifestyles. As someone who takes action, once I knew I liked her, I immediately bought a plane ticket to meet her, showing my sincerity through action.

04 What you did when you met the right one?

I’m a romantic yet rational person. Meeting my girlfriend, who shares many interests with me, including a love for traditional Chinese culture, has been wonderful. We get along naturally and harmoniously.

I believe it’s important to have one’s own way of expressing oneself in a relationship, showcasing one’s strengths and finding common ground.

I was sharing my feelings and thoughts, making sure both of us understand each other clearly. Finding common interests helps to bridge the gap.

That’s how we dated. We quickly got to know each other better through these conversations, discovering many shared interests, like my passion for history and her love for calligraphy, my enjoyment of cooking, and her love of crafts.

The pictures are of the dishes I made myself.

05 How did you collaborate with your IDO consultant?

There were ups and downs in our relationship, especially as it was long-distance.

Whenever issues arose, I often consulted with my relationship advisor, Linn. I would read and reflect on every piece of feedback Linn provided, engaging in effective communication with her.

Our interaction evolved from casual chats to sharing viewpoints more directly. Despite challenges and receiving feedback for improvement, I sought advice from my consultant with an open mind.

Being long-distance, we mostly chatted online. Misunderstandings would arise since is online, but thankfully Linn helped, reminding me to keep in touch and open up. This approach gradually helped us find our rhythm and become more harmonious.

I’m very grateful to Linn for her matchmaking and follow-up, communicating the woman’s thoughts to me, giving practical advice on things like date locations and gifts, and considering every detail.

06 What would you like to say to your partner now?

To me, she is a vibrant and understanding girl, a true confidante. Together, we feel a long-missed connection and satisfaction.

I’m thrilled to have met someone so compatible. I hope we can support each other, experience life’s ups and downs, and create beautiful memories together.

I’m grateful for our meeting and your choice. May we walk the rest of our journey hand in hand.

07 A word from the editor

If you like someone, take action. Many couples who have a strong relationship prefer this way of interaction: express emotions but don’t let them linger overnight. The biggest taboo in long-term relationships is to keep guessing each other’s feelings.

Sometimes, even when one starts feeling negative emotions, they pretend it’s not a big deal and expect the other to guess these feelings through indirect means. It might be more effective in a relationship to address negative emotions directly. For example, saying, “I am upset by what you did, please don’t do it again.” or ” I was wrong this time, I will be careful in the future.”

Love often gets lost in misunderstandings. Proactively clearing misunderstandings and negative emotions is crucial for a healthy romantic relationship.

Imagine, what’s the easier way to prevent a maple leaf from falling with one hand? Is it more efficient to pinch it with fingers or to support it with the palm? Sometimes, in this restless society, finding someone you like and accommodating each other can bring a more relaxed feeling to intimate relationships.



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