What type of people will use IDO precise match VIP services ?

Most our paid users are highly educated elites who study, work and reside overseas and actively work in fields of IT, finance, academics, medicine, law and education and other fields. Our clients not only succeed in career, also attach great significance to establish and maintain a family and marriage life.

You are welcome to fill in the free registration form and make an appointment to participate in the free match. Your data will be added into our IDO romantic relationship and marriage database. If certain traits of you are a possible match of our paid clients, our romantic and marriage consultant will contact you for further information. If both parties agree, a date can be confirmed.

It’s different. IDO APP is a public social app open to all users, which is more open and random. After registration, users can communicate with each other, but still need to spend time and energy to search for suitable dates. More importantly, you need to distinguish authenticity of profiles and information. In comparison, advanced romantic and marriage VIP users’ information is more comprehensive, in-depth, reliable and confidential. Thus, it is a higher quality off-line real-name matchmaking and socializing platform, which is serviced and matched by the professional romantic and marriage team.

We match individuals and see many couples who get together on a daily basis. Of course, we see many failed cases of romantic relationship. We hope to help clients to find a suitable partner. Many members do not consider that their standards are high. However, each individual sees things from different angles. We match clients based on suitability between the two individuals. The match is two-direction, personal matchmaking requirements and suitability will be considered. If a client thinks it’s not suitable, he/she can raise the concerns and communicate with us. We need to collaborate to increase precision of the matching.

Many our online APP users provide feedback that they are not sure about others’ aims on social networking sites, whether they want to find a long-term partner or just someone to accompany themselves. Some people might have a very different family background and the values might be quite different. After a long period of chats, when the two meet up, they realize the other party is not a suitable match. However, at this point of time, they have spent a huge amount of time and energy.

Some other clients are too busy working and do not have time to chat with others on the mobile APP for long time. So they miss many people’s “like” and miss many opportunities. In addition, people might concern that the other person might have previous marriage history and they need to spend a huge amount of time to distinguish the authenticity of the information, and find a suitable partner.

To become IDO precise matching VIP member, everyone needs to be verified for their identity, assets, education and occupation. To ensure that each member’s information is valid and authentic. We set up fundamental standards for VIP members, so that members can meet and know each other based on a serious attitude towards romantic love and formal relationship. And you will be assigned a dedicated romantic relationship and marriage consultant, he/she will not only listen to your thoughts, analyze your situation, understand your needs, and provide the most effective advice for romantic relationship and marriage.

As Australia’s largest real-name Chinese dating and matchmaking platform, our online APP has more than 100,000 registered members; more than 3,000 offline VIP members.

In order to ensure that the recommended dates meet the client’s matchmaking selection requirements, our marriage consultant will conduct detailed discussions and summaries with the client regarding the basic information, family background and personality characteristics of the future partner before the search begins. Based on the matching model developed by IDO’s strategic partner, Mirroring Therapy Center, the Australian Psychological Counseling Center, the marriage counseling team will find the most suitable person for members through a combination of data screening and manual methods. When you find a date that best meets your requirements, the marriage consultant will arrange a date for you after obtaining the consent of both parties.

This may be a concern for many users who want to use precise matching VIP services. We provide high-end marriage and romantic relationship services based on word of mouth. This is why every VIP user is strictly screened and reviewed. They have a good educational background and career. Using IDO’s services also hope to meet the same excellent and like-minded other half. What we want to emphasize is: we respect every client and we respect our contribution.

IDO client will undergo strict personal information review. Our marriage and romantic consultants will not only collect and verify the identity, education and occupation of each client, but also thoroughly understand each client’s personal background and personality traits through professional one-to-one consultation. In addition, our consultant team regularly receives professional psychological training on relationships between the two genders, and is committed to finding happiness for every client.

The matching accuracy rate is as high as 80%. There are dozens of couples holding hands from IDO every month, and an average of 3 matches can help a client to end the single life. The vast majority of clients are very satisfied with our service and find a date ideal and are willing to continue to develop a relationship with the date we recommend. More clients start a stable relationship with the goal of marriage in a few months.