Service Process

Service Process

Personal Assessment and Information Collection

1-on-1 Professional Consulting, Personal Profile Analysis, Partner Preference Analysis, Customized Marriage Plan.

Our consultant will have a personal consultation with you to assess your personality, growth experience, family background, values, and ideal partner preferences. They will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in marriage and love, and recommend the most appropriate service for you.

Real-name authentication and profile establishment

Identity verification, asset authentication, education and work verification

We will verify your identity, assets, education, and work experience, and conduct a background investigation to ensure the authenticity and reliability of your information. Once verified, we will create your exclusive profile to help potential matches understand you better.

High-quality Members

High-quality resources, accurate matching, professional recommendations, pre-date guidance

IDO has a vast online and offline user database. Our marriage consultants will assess candidates’ basic information and determine their compatibility with your requirements. We’ll first conduct an initial screening based on age, height, and assets using an intelligent system, followed by personalized manual screening by senior consultants. Using IDO’s two-sex relationship matching model, our consultants will analyze suitable users and select the best match for you. They’ll make adjustments to secondary requirements while ensuring your core requirements are met. Additionally, your consultant will communicate with you throughout the service to optimize your partner requirements.

Arranging Dates

A complete set of dating assistance, from choosing the dating location and style to providing tips and advice

The marriage consultant will offer pre-date preparation tips to both parties, including advice on how to navigate the date successfully and things to keep in mind. If you want to enhance your personal charm and increase the success rate of your first date, you can order our professional dating and image consulting services.

Dating feedback

Summarizing feedback, continuous follow-up by consultants, adjustment of plans

We solicit feedback from both parties after each date and record it. If both parties desire to continue getting to know each other, we’ll help adjust the relationship and promote further interaction while providing suggestions for personal growth and relationship building. If the date is not ideal, we’ll record the reasons for the mismatch in detail, make preparations for the next match, and adjust the dating plan accordingly.