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This time, it’s finally my turn for the sweet love.

Based on the romantic relationship matching model, we found that Andy, a male majoring in accounting born in 1993, and Betty, a female majoring in early childhood, born in 1995, have a very high matching index.

Is appearance really that important ?

PhD Christine born in 1981 is actually a lady who represents a group of girls. In the early years, she was busy with work and study. She didn’t put too much effort into finding a partner. In addition, she had some stubborn thoughts about romantic love.

Why do girls need a sense of ceremony ?

Jason is an engineer born in 1989. Because of his small social circle, he has never known any girls. Based on our matching model, we found that he and Serena born in 1988 have a high matching index. So we arranged a date for the two.

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Our clients are highly educated elites who work and reside overseas, from various industries including IT, finance, academics, medicine, law and education.

Our consulting team receives regular professional romantic relationship psychological trainings. We help accurately analyzed personal advantages for romantic relationship and matchmaking based on over a thousand cases, including providing dating advice and dating feedback.

Matching from multiple dimensions, highly efficient matching with 80% accuracy, clients usually find a partner after 3 matches on average. Every month, dozens of IDO clients commence romantic relationship and start their happy life together.