Why do girls need a sense of ceremony ?

Jason is an engineer born in 1989. Because of his small social circle, he has never known any girls. Based on our matching model, we found that he and Serena born in 1988 have a high matching index. So we arranged a date for the two. After that, the two met three or four times. They felt very good about each other, and we also made an appointment to meet again on Chinese Valentine’s Day.


After learning this information, we asked Jason how was his planning for Qixi, the Chinese Valentine’s day? Maybe it’s because of the dullness of the men in science and engineering. Jason replied that he had no plans, so he planned to have a simple meal together. Our marriage consultant immediately communicated with Jason: “A girl who is willing to save the Qixi Festival date for you, and spend with you, it means that she has a good impression of you. Since you also like her, it is festival, and girls generally have a stronger feeling of ceremonies. If during the meetup, she finds that you are not prepared for anything, although she might not say anything out loud, she will definitely feel a little bit disappointed.”


“Then what should I do?”


“It doesn’t need to be too complicated. Just book a restaurant with a good atmosphere, prepare a small gift or send a bouquet of flowers. The most important thing is to let the girl see what your sincere attitude.”


According to the girl’s preferences, we helped him recommend several restaurants suitable for dating, and also recommended several flower shops. As we expected, on the day of Qixi Festival, the two had a pleasant date together, and then they were together afterwards.


I remember the dialogue between the little prince and the fox in “The Little Prince”: “What is the sense of ceremony?” The fox said: “It is to make a day different from other days and a moment different from other moments.” Life occasionally needs a sense of ceremony. That is, when we look at the memories one day in the future, that day will sparkle in the memories we created together.


* For the purpose of privacy protection, names in the text are all aliased.



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